Here at Amstore Innovation we decided to conduct a research study to find out more about the ‘VideoPak Effect’ and the impact it had when they received one.

We reached out to seven leading industry experts who we thought could potentially use VideoPak as a format for marketing communication to engage and interact with their target market. We wanted to understand more about what makes VideoPak so successful? Why do so many leading brands choose VideoPak as a marketing tool to communicate important messages? How did they feel when they received a VideoPak that made them want to reciprocate the felling to others?

In today’s modern marketing world, many marketers are entranced on metrics, measurements, data analysing, visits, hits, traffic, conversions, ratios, retention and rates. And data analysing certainly has its merits and its place in the marketing world.
However marketeers are constantly reviewing these points because the return on marketing investment can be unpredictable and to ensure they are are not wasting their time or money.

The VideoPak Effect study taught us several things and one key message stood out, and that is in some instances you can’t measure the unmeasurable.

How can you put a price on putting a smile on someone’s face?
How do you measure capturing the instant and long lasting impression you leave with your marketing message?
How is it possible to analyse the ROI of a positive response when your marketing tool is shown around to many other people you had not anticipated would see it?
How can you record the value of your marketing piece being kept safely to hand rather than being tossed into the bin?

We’ve discovered that in a marketing world of science like metrics and data, not every marketing reaction can be measured.

VideoPak can evoke many exciting, impressive and memorable reactions. It is a powerful marketing communication tool that stands out from more traditional marketing formats.

It’s key features include:

Digital & physical fusion – enabling a successful combination of both marketing approaches to maximise the information you are trying to communicate
Multi sensory – places your video directly into the client’s hands enabling them to see, hear, touch and even smell and taste your message and product.
Uses Video – delivering your message through video can help to hold your audience’s attention longer and convey important content in a concise manner.
Interactive – your audience are incredibly visual and moving images can help them connect with your brand as they select different videos.
Engaging – keeping your audience engaged can be the best and fastest way to gain their trust
Personalised – one of the biggest trends in marketing at the moment which can increase sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty through variable data print and personalised videos
Memorable – ensuring your clients remember you, your message and the experience

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