WEB-AR + Print

What is Web-AR + Print?

Web-AR, short for Web-Based Augmented Reality, is an enhanced digital technology that fuses print (such as business cards, inserts, brochures, flyers and mailers and packaging, with virtual digital elements using the web browser on smartphones and tablets. 

AR-in-print is a physical + digital concept that allows end users to engage with print using their Smartphone camera.

Augmented Reality (or AR) is a technology that enables a smartphone to overlay digital content between the physical print and the camera creating a digital experience layer of interactivity.

AR + Print

WebAR is an emerging area of web development that uses our mobile devices to provide an augmented reality experience with a printed product.

As the name suggests Web AR and AR-in-Print uses the same underlying technology that modern website use, allowing us to create AR experiences that are as dynamic as a typical website or web app.

Critically with AR-in-Print, there is no app to download.

How does it work?

AR in Print works without the need to download an app.
Just a smartphone and some clever print.

1. We will include our custom created QR code or NFC tag on your printed collateral.

2. The user opens the camera on their Smartphone and scans the QR code (iPhones) or taps the NFC tag (Android) to launch your web page.

3. The user then views your print through the camera and the AR magic happens….


Supply Chain

Direct Mail

Mass Production

Invitations / Company announcement

Mass Production

Product Packaging

Mass Production

Free gift with online purchase

Graphic Design

Print Advertising


Exhibition Giveaways


Product / Service promotion


Retail / Point of Sale

Product Design

Magazine tip-on / inclusion

Global Delivery

Meeting leave-behind

Global Delivery

Competition Entry

Why it is great:

• No app download, so frictionless experience
• A powerful and entertaining communication channel
• Modern, Interactive, Engaging and Memorable
• Cost effective

Brands and companies have an opportunity to:

• Draw attention to your company or brand through the use of interactive and engaging promotional marketing with a product that is fully branded and eco-friendly.
• Provide customers and prospects with a useful, reusable and innovative product.
• Do something unique to what your competition are doing helping you stand out and be remembered and will be shown to others because of it’s fun factor.
• Measure and track engagement via the back-end portal.
• Get your important audience from your printed print, to your online space offering bold and powerful call to action activity.

AR Online Analytics Portal

  • Cloud based Analytics console
  • Live reporting dashboard

Print / Product Options

  • Business Cards
  • Compliment Slips
  • A6, A5, A4 leaflets / flyers
  • 4-page to multi-page booklet
  • Printed packaging / Retail or Promotional
  • Point of Sale Counter and Floor units

AR-in-Print Features & Services:

  • Augmented Reality Development
  • Cloud / Server hosting
  • Video & 2D or 3D content creation
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Reporting platform
  • Print service (simple business card to creative packaging to complex Point of Sale.
  • Custom Printing
  • National and International Mailing (Direct Mail)
  • Postal Service delivery or Courier