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We have been making CD’s and DVD’s since 2002 for the Music industry, Film companies, Games studios and Software companies. And guess what – we still make loads of them today.  Even though the the emergence of the internet had a big impact on the poor ol’ CD and DVD and we have seen volumes decrease over the last decade, there is still a need for our CD, DVD and Blu-Ray duplication and replication services.

Simple, cost effective and quick – we are still a main supplier of quality CD and DVD products in both short runs and high volume.

Ordering CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray with us couldn’t be easier.

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For lower runs (up to a few thousand) we offer CD/DVD duplication. This is where we ‘burn’ your content (music, video, software) to pre-made recordable CD-R, DVD-R, Blu-Ray discs. We then over-print your artwork to the top of the disc. We offer a few high-quality artwork printing options:

  • Digital Print
  • Screen Print
  • Litho Print

CD and DVD duplication is perfect for lower volume orders as it avoids the set up costs that come with the Replication process (Glass Mastering, Stampers, Films, Plates, Screens) and is a fast and effective solution, with lead-times from 3-10 days depending on the quantity and the packaging needed.

CD-R, DVD-R, BLU-Ray Printing:

If you don’t need data on your discs we are able to supply them printed and blank, so you can burn your own data onto them as needed. We offer a number of different print methods including Litho, Screen and Digital. Ask us which would be best for you.

Of course, we can supply your discs in any packaging that you need.


For higher volumes (a few thousand plus) we recommend to replicate your CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

This is a  very different process to Duplication, as first we need to create Stampers that are used on the replication machines.  This is done via the Glass Mastering process.  Your discs are then injection moulded and your content is ‘stamped’ on to the discs during the mass-replication process.

Once the discs are replicated, they are silver on both sides.  We now need to print your artwork.  This is achieved by either a Screen Printing or Litho Printing process.  We can advise which solution is better based on the look and feel of your artwork.   Picture images typically come out better with Litho Printing.  Text heavy artwork typically looks sharper when Screen printed.

Don’t worry, we will advise you.

CD & DVD Packaging

We also offer the full portfolio of CD and DVD packaging from simple card wallets and CD/DVD cases, CD/DVD digi files, digi packs, bespoke folders, boxes and clamshell cases. 

You can choose packaging perfect for sending discs by post or for holding additional printed literature. We’re always happy to advise.

Many of our clients ask us to design custom-made solutions just for them!  We love this as it gives us the opportunity to flex our creative packaging muscles.  Speak with our team to find out more.

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