What is Solar In Print?

Solar-in-print is a revolutionary concept that allows end users to charge a small mobile device on the go without any need for a mains connection
– just direct sunlight



The product comprises a small compact and super-slim solar panel that is neatly embedded within print.
The product allows portable charging via the conversion of solar energy to electricity; directly to a mobile device via a Micro-USB connector cable.


The printed outer could be enhanced with:
(Variable data – personalized print)
Creative finishing such as emboss /
de-boss, spot varnish, specialist paper,
creative /custom shape



  • Direct Mail
  • Magazine tip-on / inclusion
  • Festivals
  • Exhibition give-away’s
  • Meeting leave behind
  • Corporate gifts
  • Loyalty promotion
  • Competition incentive
  • Free gift with online purchase



• Marketing Communications
• Product promotions
• Brand awareness
• Promotional Marketing

Brands and companies to have an opportunity to:

• Draw attention to a company or brand through the use of interactive and engaging promotional marketing with a product that is fully branded and eco-friendly
• Provide customers and prospects with a useful, re-usable and innovative product
• Do something different to what the competition are doing
• Product won’t be thrown away
• Product will be shown to others
• Continued end-user engagement with the inclusion of:  QR codes, NFC, Digital Key webkey

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Solar Specification

  • Power: 2.5W (Max)
  • Output: USB 5V, 450 mah (Max)
  • Phys


  • Solar energy & efficient solar charging circuit. Eco Friendly inexhaustible energy.
  • Monocrystalline solar cells and Epoxy resin surface seal.
  • Slim & Light design with 6mm thickness.
  • Portable and frame design.
  • Standard USB output port for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.
  • Cycle life: over 5000 times.

  • Charging by: PC/AC charger/Car charger/ other USB socket
  • Charging time via PC: 1-3hours (output current at 800-1000mA)
  • Compatible for: Small portable device such as Phone, Camera, PSP, MP3
  • Working Temperature: -10°C to +80°C
  • Ideal compatibility with 5V electronic devices.

For best results, ensure the solar panel is in strong / direct sunlight and positioned perpendicular to the sun.Charging current is significantly reduced with cloud cover. Charging through a glass window or in the shade will decrease the solar cell efficiency and therefor increase the charging time. The unit will not work indoors. Direct solar energy is required


  • Do not drop, short circuit, disassemble, or operate under high temperature conditions and water.
  • Please stop using immediately if the device or the battery swells or become malformed.
  • This product must not come into contact with strong corrosive objects.
  • Prevent hard objects scratching the solar panel
  • Please keep it out of the reach of children, intended for adult use only.
  • Use the device according to the safety guidelines. Failure to follow in instructions might lead to damage to the device.
  • Short circuit, over-current, over-charging, over-discharging high temperature above -10~+80°C
  • Splash proof but not water resistant

Apple products have specialist charging specifications requiring highly specific/stable charging output. Solar energy is not a fully stable source of energy so charging results on apple products may vary.

CE, RoHS and FCC certified product


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