One of the more common questions asked by our clients after the how much do they cost? , is how are they made?

Our production team concentrates on every tiny detail to ensure each and every VideoPak is given the stamp of approval before being sent to it’s eagerly awaiting recipient.

Below is a breakdown of the VideoPak ‘creation process’ from start to finish…

• Once a VideoPak order is confirmed we order the product components – not just the key features such as the LCD screen LiPo battery and the speaker but the PCB (printed circuit board) itself, and all other vital component parts that sit on it This also includes flash memory chip and the controller chip.

• Then, using surface mount technology, all the components are mounted on to the PCB. The PCB is quality assured at this point.

• Whilst all of this is going on, the printed parts for the brochure (or presentation box) are being printed, laminated and die-cut.

• Once the PCB is assembled we then need to add the hero components of the VideoPak. The battery, buttons and speakers are hand soldered into place and the LCD screen is attached.

• The semi-assembled electronics are then given a thorough QC check to ensure the screen works and looks bright and crisp, the buttons function as they should and the sound from the speaker is loud and clear.

• These electronics are then set into the inner body of the brochure or box. We may use grey board, MDF or foam.

• Each VideoPak is put through another series of QC tests to ensure the on/off sensors are working perfectly, the cardboard engineering pristinely cut out and the assembly is on point. There is very little room for error at this stage.

• Through the painstaking QC processes our tolerance is very low and our expectations very high.

• Each VideoPak is then gently and precisely placed into its protective sleeve and hand placed into its delivery box packaging along with a thorough quantity count.

And that’s a wrap! Our production team works tirelessly to ensure that the each VideoPak is produced to the highest quality with no room for error.

They work round the clock, like a certain team of elves to create and spread VideoPak magic…