Direct Marketing just got smarter thanks to the latest innovative marketing communication tool; WifiPak.

WifiPak is a content delivery product that merges Wifi technology (hardware and software) with print and packaging. It creatively connects the physical and digital worlds by delivering content to smart devices that are within a range.

WifiPak has been developed and created after we listened to our client’s challenge of… ‘how can we deliver interactive content to our customer smart devices WITHOUT downloading an app or having an internet connection’?

Our clients needed something that was innovative, engaging, impressive, didn’t involve expensive data usage, yet was multi-platform and simple to use.

And so, we took notes, listened carefully and put our heads together to create and deliver WifiPak.

WifiPak is a new, unique and modern marketing communication tool that can send digital content in a direct and personal way.

To discover more on WiFiPak and to be one of the first in the world to use this for your next campaign, please contact the Amstore Innovation Team TODAY