Few people like advertising and marketing. Unless its your profession.

Even the people who spend 11 months of the year on the most tender of hooks waiting for the next John Lewis Christmas ad will, when asked, say advertising is a blight on their lives akin to intense social persecution or a 7p increase on beer tax.

This is a problem for direct marketers (all types of marketers for that matter).

You can put all that time and effort into creating a piece of direct mail or a door drop that customers will genuinely find useful. Then, just because it’s a piece of marketing, so many people will throw it out before reading it.

They won’t read it because they think they’re not interested. And they don’t know they’re interested because they won’t read it.

This is where ‘curiosity’ comes in. As a champion, summoned to defeat the above catch-22 and save the beautiful princess of target marketing.

If you get people thinking “huh, this is different” as they pick up your door drop then you’ve already beaten the rest of the mail pile. Take that takeaway menus!

So how do you do that? One particularly effective way is with tech in print such as VideoPakAudioPak Digital Key – turning your direct mail into videos content, internet links or audio messages.

Think about it, what is traditional, print only direct mail not? It’s not interactive, it’s not multi-sensory, it’s not-not static. So sending out something that is all those things is sure as hell going to get people interested enough to take a look.

And that’s not to mention all the surprising things you can do with this tech. Video brochures, for example are going to raise some major curiosity when compared to the various static printed brochures that we all receive a countless many of.

According to the Private Life of Mail, 65% of direct mail is opened. Which means you have the opportunity to nearly double response rates just by making people a little curious and doing something to grab their attention right off the bat.

Of course, you can’t abuse people’s attention once you have it. You still need to make sure your marketing is worth that attention. Luckily, VideoPak is more than a novelty and can offer a much more interesting, impactful and engaging experience for your customers. Plus, people are more likely to keep mail for longer if it feels more premium.

Click here to find out more about Amstore Innovation, including how top brands are using it to raise curiosity and turbocharge effectiveness.

USB in Print

Fussing USBs with storage capacity or website launching USB Webkeys into printed brochures.  Perfect for Direct Mail, Invitations, Handouts and Give Aways