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Why use direct mail to deliver your content?

Using direct mail can be an excellent marketing platform to help you find new customers, gain more attention from existing customers and grow your business.
When Royal Mail conducted an extensive study into how direct mail can help build your business, 64% of people surveyed had opened a piece of mail that day, and the majority who did went on to interact.
The research also showed that because customers can feel and engage with direct mail, this had a significant impact on their engagement, emotions and long-term memory encoding.

The Royal Mail MarketReach report also found that clients prefer to open physical post over digital email because they see direct mail as more authoritative than email. In addition, a poll of 9,000 individuals for CMS Ltd, the Complete Marketing System discovered that 83% of people find direct mail easier to absorb than email.

There are two key points to consider when using direct mail in your marketing campaign – who is your target audience and what are you going to say to them. 
By knowing and understanding both your target audience and your existing customers, you can avoid postal wastage and increase your response rate by targeting your message directly to them.
Once you have decided on the message to communicate to your target audience, you must ensure the content is unique, memorable and engaging to enable your mail piece to cut through all of the other envelopes on the doormat and stand out.

We believe Fuse Innovation is the BEST destination for the most creative tech in print direct mail products available.
Our extensive library of creative marketing tech + print products includes VideoPak, WiFiPak, Digital Key, Led-in-Print, Audio-in-print, NFC, Custom USBs, and Solar in Print.

We are constantly researching and looking for new tech innovations that fuse physical and digital in a cool, innovative and impressive way and make the perfect direct mail piece.
If you would love to try one of our direct mail solutions to engage and interact with your target audience in an impressive and innovative way with contact our Fuse team.

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