Evaluating the success of a direct mail campaign is vital to be able to understand the response rate and calculate the ROI.
One of the many reasons that direct mail is so appealing to marketers is because its positive results can be directly measured by analysing the campaign’s response rate. By using unique codes or promotional offers you can track the response from a specific campaign.

For example, if a marketing team sent out 5000 web keys as a targeted marketing campaign and 1,000 recipients engaged with the promotion, then the marketing team could confidently say that they were successful in creating these direct responses with a 25% hit rate of interaction from this campaign.
The team can then evaluate the cost of the campaign against the direct responses to review if the campaign has been profitable.
Analysing these results can also deepen your understanding of your target audience, enabling you to refine your next direct mail campaign and ensure that the results are more effective.

If you are looking to measure the results of your next direct mail campaign and see how your target audience responds our tech in print solution, Digital Key is an engaging and interactive tool that can direct the recipients straight to a website.
The small USB device fused into print, is plugged into a computer where it automatically launches a website. Each key has an individual ID meaning you can track and analyse the response rate via the cloud-based platform and see which individuals inserted the key, how many times the key was used and which pages were viewed.

The 10 reasons our clients use Digital Keys….

1) They deliver a personalised physical to digital experience
2) Each key is unique and its online activity can be tracked
3) The unique cloud based platform allows instant reports and analytics for measuring results
4) The print can be personalised
5) The design can be creative and customized in shape and size
6) They are lightweight and ideal for direct mail campaigns
7) The website landing page can be changed/updated via the cloud CRM
8) Modern, innovative and re-usable
9) Cost effective and simple to use
10) The engaging format can deliver ROI’s as high as 60% in some campaigns

Web keys, such as Digital Key are a great fuse of physical and digital marketing, directly connecting the user ‘from the real world’ to a website ‘the online world’ once they’re inserted into a computer.

If you’re interested to measure and track the results of your next direct mail campaign contact our Fuse Sales Team today.

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