Handi SOS is a small portable, battery powered bluetooth button and app that pairs with your smart device. It’s a personal safeguarding device; an app and bluetooth button that, when pressed, connects to your phone and sends a text message with your google maps location to your chosen SOS contacts letting them know you need help.

Here’s our top 10 reasons we think you should own the best personal safety gadget around.

Peace of mind – What is it we most aspire to have in life? Whatever your ambitions, I can guarantee that there’s a little something you’d love to have more of: peace of mind. Whether it’s regarding our parents, our kids, our colleagues or our friends, the wellbeing of those close to us comes first and foremost. You never leave your phone at home when you leave the house because you want to be able to make contact with those you love when you need to, but what about if you can’t reach your phone and need help? Handi SOS is the perfect accompaniment to the usual steps you take in personal safety such as ensuring your mobile phone is charged up before heading out.

Complete discretion – Whatever the reason, you may be in the position where calling for help overtly will escalate an already sticky situation. Handi SOS allows you to call for help without alerting anyone except those you choose to alert. Stick it in your trouser pocket and the second you need to call for help, you can do so with complete discretion.

No recharging – Nothing would be worse than needing your Handi SOS and to realise you left it with spaghetti-cable-junction recharging with your other gadgets. With Handi SOS, there’s no need to recharge every day, in fact the lithium battery will last for up to 24 months. Keep it in your favourite ski jacket, pair of jeans or wear it as a pendant so you have it at arm’s reach, the second you need it.

Easy to use – Handi SOS is extremely easy to setup. Once you’ve paired the button with your phone, selected groups and contacts and finally selected a ‘click gesture’, you’re ready to click Handi SOS when you need help. Better yet, you can call us anytime for assistance.

BLE – Handi SOS uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. In order for the Handi SOS App to do it’s thing, the app runs in the background of your mobile phone and is always connected to the button via Bluetooth. BLE is state of the art technology that ensures your phone battery won’t be massively effected when connected to your Handi SOS.

No subscription fees – We at Handi Technologies decided control centres were unnecessary and expensive (for the user), which are industry standard with panic alarms/buttons. We decided to cut the middle man out and allow you, the user, to send the alert messages to your selected contacts – meaning there’s absolutely no need for ongoing subscription fees when using Handi SOS. Also, the Handi SOS App is and always will be free to use.

SMS text messages – Handi SOS sends SMS text message alerts to selected contacts. SMS messages are low cost and most phone contracts provide a certain amount, if not an unlimited amount of free SMS text messages to send. SMS messages require a tiny amount of phone signal to send, and when signal is lost, a previously sent SMS message will be ‘stored’ until signal comes back, which is then automatically sent.

Sharing is caring – Handi SOS can be shared and paired. Is a loved one going somewhere new? Maybe they’re a bit worried about a first date? Give them your Handi SOS for the evening, set them up with the app and there it is again – some peace of mind.

Wear it or stick it – Handi SOS can be placed in your pocket and even comes with a clip for you to clip onto the inside of your jacket, if you wish. You can also use a sticky-back to stick it on to walls or under your desk.

Use it globally – Check with your mobile service provider that you can send text messages when travelling abroad and Handi SOS will work wherever you go.

These are only a few of the reasons you and your family members should own a Handi SOS. We’re told on a daily basis some other benefits of having Handi SOS and we’d love to hear your reasons why you believe it’s the World’s Safest Button.

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