Handi SOS, the Worlds Safest Button, has become a handy personal safeguarding device for many of our customers…

The small, battery powered bluetooth button and app that pairs with your smartphone has been very popular with ;

Students/ Young adults – as they fly the nest to University, book that first holiday with their friends or plan a trip to travel the world, parents have been keen to ease their nerves and ensure their children are packed up and ready to go with this personal safe guarding device.

Eldery or vunerable – whether loved ones are frail or have been taken poorly Handi SOS is the ideal solution should they need to alert someone.

Poor Health – if someone close to you is suffering with health challenges, the type that can hit you suddenly with little warning, Handi SOS can be close by should they need help urgently.

Domestic violence victims – a category very close to our hearts, Handi SOS was designed with these victims at the fore front of our mind. It was designed to alert their emergency contacts, including the Police, discreetly should they need help with extreme urgency.

Dog walkers – are high in demand as our ever busy worlds appear to get busier. With busy hands holding many leads and walking come rain or shine, this small battery powered button is the perfect device for being close to hand on dark and cold mornings or evenings.

Hikers & Sports Folk – ahead of setting off on their next adventure Handi SOS has been part of their must have kit to pack. Fortunately it is discreet, small and easy to attach to the person with a neck cord, caribean clip or key chain ring.

Singletons – with 1 in 5 relationships beginning online more men and women than ever are using the many apps to arrange dates. Handi SOS is a great button to have to hand should you with to inform someone you need help and your phone is out of reach.

Handi SOS is a small button and app that works with your smartphone. With a simple press, Handi SOS sends a Bluetooth signal to your phone and a text message, with your Google Maps location gets sent out.

Up to 5 emergency contacts can receive your SOS message so they know you need help and where you are. Send to your partner, friends, family members….and even directly to the Police.

You can also conveniently turn individual contacts on/off as you wish.

With no complicated monthly fees or yearly contracts, it is a simple yet powerful safeguarding device that’s easy to use that will help people feel less vulnerable in times of panic and distress.

Not everyone can have their own personal bodyguard, but everyone can have Handi SOS –  a product we hope will have a truly positive impact on society.

We feel Handi SOS is a very versatile product that can be used by a huge variety of people in a large number of situations where personal safety is concerned.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more or pre-order your very own Handi SOS.

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