Once you have perfected your content and are ready to deliver it to your target audience, how do you stand out, impress them and ensure your message is retained?

How do you ensure your target marketing message is seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time and in the best possible way?

According to Mailmen and Melaine Welsh, Executive Planning Director, these days you can be far more precise than ever before with target marketing. A brand that does this really well is Domino’s Pizza. Their research has given them an understanding of which are the more affluent households, and then targeting those people, right down to a precise street.

Domino’s target marketing technique is very impressive, along with the importance the marketing team put on timing. Campaigns are planned 13 months in advance and everything is mapped out carefully. They identified their sweet spot as the week that people get paid, so they plan around that important time and book their door drops accordingly. If, for some reason, they can’t achieve a specific week, they will opt for the week after – but what they never do is book the week before, as for them, the last week before payday is a no-pizza week.

It’s important to put a lot of thought into how you power up your target marketing activity to ensure it is relevant and targeted to your important audience.

Here at Fuse Innovation our wide range of products and solutions help companies to retain existing business, win new business and impress their audience through engaging experiences that trigger memorable and impressive interactions. We specialise in physical content delivery tech + print products that are creative, novel and unique. Our clients, many of the worlds leading brands and agencies, have used these solutions when they need their message to be retained without fail creating a truly engaging, impressive and memorable experience.

See below some ideas for high impact Creative Direct Mail and Target Marketing.

* Marketing Communications
* Invitations
* Education & training
* Announcements
* Company messages
* Product information & launches
* Pitches
* Showreels
* Press releases

Whether distributed as Direct Mail, Handouts, Point-of-Sale or even Proximity Marketing, our products and solutions work extremely well to grab and hold attention, cut-through the clutter and help make your message memorable.

Our extensive library of tech + print solutions includes VideoPak, Live Beacon, WiFiPak, DSD Box, Digital Key, CD DVD Vinyl, Led-in-Print, AudioPak, NGC, Custom USBs, ePaper and Solar in Print.

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