Video marketing is a powerful form of digital marketing that can help grow your business.


Many businesses and brands find fresh and innovative ways to use video marketing to reach out to existing and new customers. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to engage with your target audience on a personal level. Once you have engaged with a potential customer, you have also gained their trust.

However, how long is too long when it comes to video marketing? How long should your videos be?

Marketing videos should be quick and relevant, remember less is more. Aim for no longer than three minutes. You don’t want your audience to switch off and for them to miss
the CTA (call to action). Some viewers will see a long run-time and avoid opening videos.

Depending on the type of content, here is an idea of ideal video length.

  • VIRAL VIDEO 2-3 minutes

Generally, the longer the video the less likely viewers will watch it all. Keep your message clear and concise.

  • CASE STUDY 1-2 minutes

Remember to focus on key messages and if possible feature four champion clients talking for short spells rather than one long message from one client.

  • TUTORIAL 45 seconds-1.5 minutes

The best tutorials communicate key features and how your product/service can help the customer and make their life easier.

Keep your video content clear and concise.
Work hard to keep it short. Long is easy. Short takes skill.

Remember to ensure your video message is focused on letting your audience know how you can help them. What you can do for them. What problem you can solve.

Here at Fuse Innovation we offer many tech in print solutions, such as VideoPak video brochures that are a perfect blend of physical and digital marketing.

We’ve worked with many of the world’s most renowned brands and agencies to help them deliver their message in style.

To discover how VideoPaks have successfully delivered engaging, interactive and memorable video marketing content contact our Fuse Sales Team Today.

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