Direct mail has the ability to engage and interact with a target audience in their own settings. Many marketeers are looking to include mail in their marketing campaigns and for some this will be their first experience of fusing physical and digital mail within their mix.

Setting up a Direct Mail (DM) campaign is simple however it’s important to understand mail’s unique advantages, how it works alongside other channels and how to create a successful campaign. Direct mail can be a very impressive and persuasive marketing tool.

1. Know what you want to say to your audience

What goals do you want your communications to achieve? Driving sales? Raising awareness of a new product/service?
Whatever your goal – you need to be clear about what you want to focus on.

Do you know your audience and their challenges? Why do they need your product/ service? Have they have heard of you? Have you been in contact before? By knowing the answers to these questions you can find the right message to deliver to them.

2. Personalise your message.

The power of addressed direct mail is that you can personalise and tailor the message. Businesses are becoming more digitally savvy and their marketers are conscious that they need to deliver experiences that are more personalised.

Consumers are now able to influence how and what they buy across every industry and nearly every part of the globe. The persuasiveness of personalisation has transformed it from a mere trend into an absolute expectation.

To make the most of your personalised content – be sure to include a clear ‘call to action’ because no matter how good the quality of the content or it will get lost without a clear and concise call to action. You won’t achieve your desired results unless you included a clear and compelling CTA. Your CTA needs to be direct, guiding your target audience to what you want them to do. Consider what you want them to do once they have finished reading your content. “Learn more”, “Subscribe” or “Contact us”.

3. Choose your creative touch wisely.

There are many creative ideas that you can use with mail, from sensory inclusions like smell and touch, to fusing digital creations like QR codes, AI and image recognition or paper/card that can be opened in an innovative and interactive way.

Remember to ensure any of these innovations align with the message of the piece. They need to add to the story: used as memorable devices rather than forgettable methods.

With fewer distractions in the mail box and more focus online, direct mail is more effective NOW than ever before.

To create powerful direct mail for existing customers and future prospects contact our Fuse Innovation Sales Team today.

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